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Endometriosis Treatment

Statistics state that more than 15% of women suffer from chornic pelvic pain, a condition often caused by endometriosis. Symptoms such as fatugue, bloating, painful intercourse, bowel or bladder problems, join pain, muscle pain, allergies and so are often present. Simply, endometriosis can severely slow or stop the ability for women to have a normal life.

Unfortunately, many women who have endometriosis look healthy on the outside, and therefore are classified as the pain being imaginary or simply "all in their heads". This is false, as many women hide pain and suffering from others around them, like co-workers, friends and family. Treatment of endometriosis and pelvic pain can be complex, and is not fully understood.

However, Advantage Healthcare for Women is known for improving quality of life with their treatments and keeping patients their priority. Call Dr. Caserta today and schedule an appointment to discuss diagnosis and treatment plans.

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104 Meadow Pointe Barboursville, WV 25504