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Diagnostic Ultrasounds

An ultrasound is one of the most common imaging tools in obsterics and gynecology. It is one of the best and most effective radiologic tools for diagnosing the pelvic region, and helps in diagnosing common conditions, including: Fibroid Tumors, Ovarian Cysts, and abnormalities of the uterus.

It can also be used to evaluate certain types of malignancies including: Breast, Ovarian and Uterine Cancers. Ultrasounds are also widely used in determining the age and location of pregnancy.

Types of Diagnostic Ultrasounds:

  • External Sonogram - You probably have seen this on television. Your physician or nurse will rub a specialized gel on your abdomen and move a sensor over it, so the testing may begin for seeing the baby or your reproductive organs. This type of exam is also helpful in finding and diagnosing common illnesses of the reproductive organs, as well as prenatal health checks.
  • Transvaginal Sonogram - With this examination, your doctor will place an ultrasound wand into your vagina, checking for very early pregnancy, ovulation and/or to examine reproductive organs.

Dr. Caserta and his team offer a complete ultrasound from check-ups to pregnancy. Advantage Health Care is here for all your needs as a woman.

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